10 Steps to Better Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimizers or SEO’s effectively make your website more visible to in a search engines unpaid (or organic) results. To understand a SEO you need to understand the nature of search engines. A search engine uses a crawler or spider program, to search and catalogue the entire web. These spiders then report back to the engine and save a small portion of data in a separate place, for easy access, or search, later. This usually means that the spider will collect a page from the site and index a few keywords (Links). It is then best to title your web pages appropriately and attractively. This will make it easier for the spider to find the page at a later date.  This is the bare essence of the search engine.

Picture of a search engine optimization SEOs helps you raise the amount of traffic to your website by listing the site sooner in a search. Visit Portland SEO Pros – Twitter for your seo betterment. To do this well:
Create one of a kind page titles – The title is shown in the search results. An imaginative title can make the reader click out of shear curiosity.
Be sure to use descriptors (metatags) – These are what the spiders and crawlers use to sort the websites.
Use high quality content – The more traffic a site has, the more the search engine “sees” the site, and the farther “up” the search the site goes.
Be sure your site is easily navigated – This help to ensure repeat traffic.
Make your URL simple, direct, and to the point – This makes it easy for the search engine as well as the customer to peruse the site.
Use heading tags that are apt and clear – Use these carefully as they are what catch the customer’s eye, and the first thing that the spiders look at.
Keep in mind what you do and don’t want the search engine to search – Cannot stress this one enough. If you don’t keep in mind what you want the spider, and the customer, to see it makes it easy to get lost.
Use an image site map – This will aid the spiders in locating images on the site, and bring back results the customers are looking for.
Use simple easy to understand anchor text – Anchor text is used to signify a link, either to another page or another site all together.
Be sure to have a plan to deal with comment spam – This ensures that the spiders are searching the site content not the comment content. (Comment spam are the comments left by other people on the site.) Want to know more? Check out Social Media posting service.

Keep in mind, when building a site, build it for the customer. Try to be certain that the content is easy to navigate. (i.e. Dropdown menus, keyword and page to page links.) Make the content the best it can be and keep the content fresh (don’t let the content get old). This is the best way to get the clientele best suited for the site, to said site. It makes it easy for both the spider and the customer to reach and navigate the site. Try having a useful, custom 404, one that will guide others to an existing page. It is the small details that make a site better seen by both customer and spider. And the better it is seen by the spider, the better it is seen by customers.

Dwight Gardner